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    UV-0;Benzophenone-1,UV absorber?
    CAS.: 131-56-6
    Product name: UV-0;Benzophenone-1

    2,4-Dihydroxy benzophenone;Benzoresorcinol; 4-benzoylresorcinol; BP-1; UV-0

    Introduction :

    CAS NO : 131-56-6

    Molecular Formula : C13H10O2
    Molecular Weight : 214
    Chemical structure : 

    Appearance : Light yellow crystal or white power

    Assay : ≥ 99%

    Melting point : 142-146 °C

    Loss on drying : ≤ 0.5%

    Ash : ≤ 0.1%
    Light Transmittance : 440nm  ≥ 97     500nm     ≥ 98

    Storage and transportation : The chemical stability is good. It can be stored and transported according to the general chemical matter regulation.25kg fibre drum、25kg carton

    As the ultraviolet absorption agent, it is available to PVC,polystyrene and Polyolefine etc.The max.absorbing wavelength range is 280-340nm.The general consumption:0.1-0.5% for thin matter,0.05-0.2% for thick matter.


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